How to find out the gender of your cat? A female cat or a male cat!


How to deal with the female cat in the first stage

The unsterilized female cat goes through the stage of sexual peritoneal (desire to mate) every three to four weeks and will announce it in a loud watering voice. During this period they are more prepared for mating and pregnancy, may last for about a week, and are undergoing significant hormonal changes over that period. If you want to prevent her from getting pregnant, the best solution is surgical sterilization and removal of ovaries by a competent veterinarian, but if you do not want to sterilize her, learn how to deal with her behavior and behavior during that stage. You need to adapt to unusual seduction and noisy seduction, and you need to work to prevent pregnancy (as you wish).

1- Dealing with the actions of the cat

Calm down the loud sound of the water. Female cats declare their desire to mate loudly in order to increase the chances of encountering the male cat, you will find them continue to water for a long time and loudly. Non-expert cat owners may think their cat is in pain, but the fact is that this is a very normal thing at a young age, in all cases, you will have to either accept that annoying sound or try to calm your cat.

Try installing a sonata pheromone before your cat passes through the shabby phase. The device deploys manufactured pheromones that have the same as the usual scents of cat pheromones that make your cat feel safe. These pheromones soothe and relax your cat, and like other chemical pheromones, your cat produces when it declares its desire to mate.
These smells don’t work right away, but they create a state of safety for your cat over the weeks, so it’s best to install the device long before your cat passes the shabby phase so you can take advantage of its effect when the time comes.

How to find out the gender of your cat A female cat or a male cat
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Deal with your cat’s imposition of its smell in some places. Not all cats follow this method, but many of them control some places through the strong smell of urine that attracts male cats. There is no inevitable way to prevent your cat from doing so except with surgical sterilization and oviintifah removal, but some simpler steps can be taken to deal with it such as:

Keep your waste bin clean constantly in the hope that you keep following the instructions you’ve been raised on and avoid trying to control some places in your home.
Sterile the place where you peed to cover the smell and prevent it from returning to the same place again.
Use enzymatic detergents to eliminate the smell of urine. Enzymes in these products eliminate the smell of urine better than other detergents, so don’t forget to let them dry well for the best results.
You can make a home replacement by softening some of the cleaning powder in the water and then using it to clean the place where your cat urinated and then rinse the place with water. Then clean the place with a baking soda solution and then rinse again.
Always try cleaning products first on a small spot before treating the entire area that has been urine-exposed.

Get ready to hang your cat more than usual. Your cat experiences significant hormonal changes that affect her behavior during the period of youth, which is reflected in the language of her body and her social behavior, which is subject to obvious changes.
Your cat wants more company than usual.
She may ask you to rub her lower back more than usual and will move her tail aside while she does so to reveal her genitals.
You may also find them crawling on the ground by extending their front half and crawling while pushing the rear half up.
You’ll find it twisting and damaging a lot with enthusiasm, don’t be afraid if you do it while it’s a high meow, it doesn’t feel pain then, it just tries to act with temptation.
You can’t help but think about these normal behaviors, as long as there are no male cats nearby, you’ll be fine.

Give her more attention. Take care to play more than usual to exhaust its energy and push it to rest and sleep instead of continuous waterand twisting, you will find that some cats like more toys and massages during the period of youth and do not be surprised when they behave with you with temptation and courtesy.

Don’t change her feeding schedule. Many female cats do not eat well during the period of aperitif, which makes them lose weight and negatively affects their health. For your part, never try to make up for it with more calorie-rich meals or foods, as excess food negatively affects it by giving it more energy for movement and air!
In return, leave large quantities of her food at her disposal to feed on her when needed.

Relieve stress on your other cats. Imagine raising more than one cat who goes through the raunchy phase every three weeks, which will lead them crazy while they hear the sound of the loud water constantly. Relieve stress by purchasing a soothing pheromone diffusion device that creates a safer atmosphere for all your cats.
Remember that the device needs a few weeks to work and affect the vital systems of cats, so be sure to install it before your cat goes through the phase of the spun.

Make sure you keep your cat inside the house. If you allow your cat to wander outside, prevent it as soon as you are in the age phase, so you will be able to control its encounter with any male cat as opposed to being out there will be vulnerable to attracting cats nearby with the sound of water and smell and therefore will be carried from any of these cats. Make sure to keep your cat inside the house. If you allow your cat to wander outside, prevent it as soon as you are in the age phase, so you will be able to control her encounter with any male cat as opposed to being out there will be vulnerable to attracting cats nearby with the sound of the mind and the smell and therefore will be carried from any of these cats.

2-Preventing the cat from getting pregnant

Isolate your cat from male cats. If you have an unsterilized male cat, it’s likely that you’ll be attracted to your cat in the young age;
Isolate females or males in separate rooms.
Arrange the room well so as not to disturb the isolated cat. Put her belongings, her trash can, her bed, her food and the toys that will occupy her.

Close doors and windows. Ensure that the cat inside the house is isolated to the point where the male neighbors can’t see, hear or smell it, otherwise, you’ll find a good number of male cats wandering around your house suspiciously.
Don’t leave windows or doors open even with wired windows, male cats may be persistent and penetrate these windows to reach your cat and therefore cause it to carry it while you don’t leave the house.
Make sure the cat slots in the doors are closed tightly.


Consider surgically sterilizing your cat by removing your ovaries. Some suggest surgical sterilization of cats as an appropriate solution to reduce reproduction and the exposure of kittens to accidents or lack of suitable homes to host them. You can sterilize your cat at any hormonal stage you go through, and if you have a cost problem, you can perform the procedure at pet shelters. Consult the veterinary clinic near you to find out what options you have.

How to determine the sex of cats

How to determine the sex of cats

Kittens are similar in shape and behavior whether it is a male or a female cat, and it may be difficult to determine the type of cat by monitoring its behavior only, but there are some some some obvious differences between the two species that will help you distinguish between them. The genitals of cats are small and not developing enough, but after a few weeks, you can identify their type.

1- Determine the sex of the cat through its physical features

Approach the cat gently. It is necessary to approach the cat and pick it up in your hand to get to know its type, but some cats do not like to be carried by anyone, so you have to spend some time approaching it quietly and kindly to rest your presence.
Rest next to the cat and let it approach you, and when it approaches, let it smell the palm of your hand.
If the cat is nervous, you can leave it now and come later, or if you have a partner or friend it can help you in the next step.

Lift the cat’s tail. Gently pick up the cat with one hand, and use your brother’s hand to lift her tail so she can examine the area of her genitals.
If the cat is quiet and you don’t mind being caught, it’s easier to do so while sitting on the couch or on a chair, so you don’t have to worry about the cat falling to the ground while checking it out.
If your partner is with you, he can hold the cat with both hands well, and you raise the tail.
If the cat resists your attempt to lift her tail, pass your hands on her back near the beginning of the tail, and cats usually lift their tail when someone touches them in this area.

Look for the characteristics of the male cat’s genitals. The best way to differentiate between males and females is to examine the area under the tail. The search for male genitalia is relatively easier than female and can be easily observed.
For a male cat, you’ll find anan, a suture, a testicle sitter, and a penis, while at the female the anus and the urinary canal opening only.
For a male cat that has not been castrated, the bowl of testicles will be covered with cat fur, and contains testicles ranging in size from cherry seed or cherry seed, and the bowl of testicles is usually clear at the back of the cat, unless a cat with thick fur may hinder looking at it easily, and here the fur can be slightly wet with some water to lower its size, or gently remove it with your hand so you can look easily.

The male cat that has been castrated also has a bowl of testicles, but its size naturally becomes smaller. The penis comes out from the bottom of the testicles, under the skin, and comes out through a small pile of fur between its thighs, the male cat’s genitals will look similar to that punctuation mark (:).
The distance between the anus of a relatively adult male cat and his penis is at least 2.5 cm, or at least 13 millimetres for kittens.

Look for the characteristics of the female genitalia of a cat. If you don’t find male genital ionosphless traits visible on the cat, start looking for their feminine features.
Females have an anus, a urinary tract opening in the form of a longitudinal incision, and resemble the female genital area
The distance between the anus and the urinary canal opening in females is shorter than that of males, and is about 13 millimetres for an adult shot.

Check the color. Look at the color of kittens, because some color features are limited to females or males only, helping you to identify the type.
Cats with fur that resemble the color of a turtle shell (a combination of black, red, or orange), and calico cats covered with white fur and with various bundles of orange or apricot and black, these two colors are limited to females only.
Cats with orange fur and apricots are usually male, but this is not an accurate way to determine the species.

Determine the sex of the cat by other differences

Monitor the behaviour of healthy cats (which have not been castrated). Because cats that have not been diagnosed have more behavior than those that change their behavior after the procedure.
Unfertilized males are usually more hostile than females, have larger heads and thicker skin, teach their area of influence through stench-scented urine, like to wander and can leave the house for several days and return to it.
little female cats you determine their area of influence

Monitor pregnancy or fertility signs. If the female cat is not sterilized, it will reach the stage of preparation for fertilization that qualifies it for vaccination and then pregnancy, and goes through that stage every 3-5 weeks in warm weather, or in a house with a good heating system, and then shows behaviors that are fairly easily identifiable:
Voices are made to call her to males, and her voices seem to be in pain.
She lifts her tail in a position of intercourse to show her genitals, and fluid secretions may come out of her genitals.
Her body is controlled by other animals or soft bodies or on the owner. Pregnant cats have slightly drooping and swollen stomachs.
Cats that have already given birth, their nipples are prominent and clear under their abdomen, but you have to pay attention while using nipples to determine the type of cat, because males and females have nipples in the same place.

Useful information

The best way to determine the sex of cats is by examining their genitals, but relying on different male behavior from females may be deceptive, and some experts believe that behavioral differences between males and females are a myth.
If you’re examining your genitals alone, try wearing leather gloves and a long-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from cat freckles during the screening.
If the cat is too nervous and doesn’t know you and is afraid of you, wait until you get used to it, or take it to the vet.


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